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GCD Architects - Engineers is your one-stop shop for all your Architectural and Engineering needs. GDC A-E provides Architects and Engineering Solutions for Self-Storage, Commercial, Corporate Rebranding, Industrial, Institutional, Agricultural, and Residential applications across the United States.  Your feedback is important to us! Please feel free to leave a review using our social media network via Facebook or Google reviews.

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“Easy, professional and pleasant to work with... very nice design outcome.”


~Mike Dagostino

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“Professional and Punctual! I have worked on 2 sets of house plans with green design and I will go back for more. Great company”


~Kari Berger

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“Without a doubt, the team at GDC are over the top professional in all that the do. It has been a pleasure working with them and will most certainly do it again!”


~Matt Morton

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“If you need a 21st Century design firm that will stand by you when the St. Lucie County building department throws up numerous (unfounded) roadblocks, Green Design is your company. Shaun and team did a fantastic job laying out the plans for our addition, taking into account all of our specifications and creating multiple drafts for us to review before formalizing them into incredibly-detailed plans covering 42 pages for a 450-square-foot addition. We particularly loved the 3D model that we had on our phones.


Then, when the County raised numerous concerns — all of which were unfounded and at odds with multiple existing rules and regulations — Shaun and John went above and beyond responding to emails and even attended two meetings in person to clearly demonstrate why our permit should be issued. These guys deserve a medal for the work they did dealing with the absolute incompetence of the St. Lucie County building department.


Bottom line: Green Design is awesome. Hire them immediately. “


~Nicholas Ewen

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